Back to basics: Saving energy and money in your business this winter

Reduce Electricity Usage in your Swindon Business

Many businesses underestimate how much electricity they use on a month by month basis as well as how much they could save if they were to be more energy efficient.

Investing to save cash energy wise is growing in popularity among businesses, this week we’ve included some suggestions that will help owners save money and create a more pleasant working environment out of a few simple investments.


Timer Switches

With the best will in the world, all of us are guilty of forgetting to switch off certain electrical equipment at the end of the day. Did you know that even just a computer monitor left on overnight can waste enough electricity to laser print 500 pages?

Even if you work in a business that requires your PC’s to be on constantly, switching off monitors at the end of every day by using a timer switch means that you can save massively on electricity over the months and years.


Sensor Lighting

Install sensors and timers for lighting to make sure they are only on when needed to cash in on the savings over the year, warehouses and larger offices are the best places to do this. Instead of remembering to switch off lights at the end of the day, lighting will only be on in areas of the workplace where and when it’s needed.


Fit energy-efficient lighting

The initial investment to install energy efficient lighting may seem costly, but go to a recommended and quality electrical contractor and you will be able to find out exactly how long it takes to make back the investment you’ve made. LED lighting is brighter and more practical than older energy efficient options and a better quality option for workplaces that need staff to operate machinery – contact us for a lighting plan, through a simple survey we will be able to tell you exactly how much you will save and when on your lighting upgrade.


Update older equipment

Updating older equipment and replacing them with more energy efficient options can save a massive amount of money through the year. Powering one old CRT monitor could run three modern LCD monitors with the energy it consumes.


Some simple and effective tips to help you save money in your business this Winter, speak to us to find out how we can improve your energy efficiency through one project that will reduce your electricity bill and increase efficiency in your workplace.

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