Taking your home to the next level

Landsdown Crescent LED Lighting Stairs

In the past, feature lighting has been associated with high-end, high-spec properties used to highlight focal areas on projects with high budgets, but not anymore. The flexibility, durability and longevity of LED lighting means feature lighting has become a popular and sought after cornerstone of interior design. 

The most important aspect of a great lighting set up is to make sure the design is done well. The right mix of interior lighting can take your home to another level, with control systems that allow you to choose when you want a bright light or a homely warmth, it also means you can control how much energy you’re using in your home.

Talk to a business who can create a lighting plan for you after listening to what you want, whether it’s strip lighting, recessed lighting or down lights, think carefully about how you want your lighting to work for you. Think about how bright you want them to be, where you want the light to be focussed and how you want to control your lighting.

At Humphreys Electrical we frequently create lighting designs for our clients as well as working with builders and architects who have done the same for clients of their own, we will then install the design to specification, making sure everything is in perfect working order before completion.

Take a look at our recent project that we completed in a 5 storey property based in bath, where we installed LED lighting throughout the property including recessed and trimless lighting and exterior landscape lighting (following a third party’s design).

This is a great example of how you can make your home unique to you, by choosing a business that can create a brilliant lighting design which ticks all of the boxes.


Are you planning a renovation, build or refurbishment and want to talk to us about your lighting needs? Just get in touch, we’ll be happy to discuss it with you.



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