Saving energy saves you money and at the same time reduces your carbon footprint. Lighting is a quick and simply way of reducing your energy bills and there are now many energy efficient light fittings and control devices available. Concepts such as sensor controlled light fittings that automatically dim when there is more natural light and will switch off automatically when no one is present can be fitted with intelligent ballasts that use less energy when the light is dimmed.

This type of system can be fully automatic, eliminating the need for manual switches which removes the usual practice of switching all the lights on in the morning and not switching them off until the last person leaves, resulting in the lights being on all day, whether required or not!

We offer a design service for any commercial or industrial premises and can provide a clear cost saving analysis that compares the existing lighting to the more efficient proposed new system. In addition the new light fitting will also provide a better light output whilst using less lights. The design service is complementary and is provided along with a comprehensive supply and install quotation.



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