Energy Efficient Commercial Lighting in Swindon, Wiltshire

Did you know that lighting often represents over 50% of all commercial energy use?

Almost every business like yours today has a green policy to show their customers they are actively working towards a greener environment.

Reducing your Carbon Footprint and being energy conscious saves money and helps to maintain a solid reputation with your customers that you can be proud of.


Quick facts - Environmentally Friendly - Instant Light - Improved Light Quality - Safe Lighting - Durability - Long Life

How much £ LED lighting could save you...

(Based on lighting manufacturer's specifications and a typical office size of 4300 sq.feet)


humphreys-faviconCould mean upto 13.5 years of maintenance free light life

humphreys-faviconIdentical light quality with upto 30 less light fittings

humphreys-faviconCould mean upto £17,000 saved over projected life span of new light fittings


How will I know when my investment will pay off?

We will provide a FREE 'no obligation' site survey and full cost analysis to prove that your investment will be recovered and significant future savings will be made.

We work with several lighting manufacturers to carry out a thorough survey of your commercial building lighting system, so we can compare the running costs of your existing lighting against the running costs of new energy efficient lights.

With this information we can calculate how much you will save on your energy bill and when the payback will be.


Savings for you...

The example below is based on a leading lighting manufacturer's design and specification in a typical office size of 4300 sq.feet so you can have an idea of the savings to be made in your office.

For a FREE 'no obligation' site survey and exact cost analysis of your optimal lighting needs and minimised energy consumption please email, call us or fill in your details below...


Example Office Size: 4300 sq. feet (please note that this example is a representation of a typical office, your situation will be subject to site survey)


Existing Lights: 85 x 18 Watt Fluorescent Modular Lights fitted to a suspended ceiling


Replacement Lights: 55 x 42 Watt LED Panel Lights fitted to same ceiling


Typical Supply & Installation Costs: £5100


Annual Savings: £1640 (saving increases if cost of fluorescent tube replacements are taken in to account)


Payback Time: 3 years

With our manufacturer's predicted light life of 35,000 hours, you will continue saving money for up to 13.5 years (based on this example)


Financing your Investment: The majority of any regular monthly payments linked to the financing of the LED installation could be paid for by the monthly reduction in energy consumption/cost


Potentially claim 100% capital allowance in the first year on your lighting upgrade, click here to find out how


See below for a a Lighting Energy Usage Comparison supporting the above example. Via your FREE no obligation site survey we will produce the same explanation of Lighting improvements and savings for you.



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How much would you save?


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