4 Home Security Ideas

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Motion Lights

Place lights with motion sensors in areas you want to be lit up at night. When someone passed the areas, the lights will turn on and alert you to potential intruders or provide a deterrent, they’re also great for you when you return home in the evening.

There are solar powered options available if you’d like to save energy and be environmentally friendly, and remember to replace your old floodlights with new fixtures, there are plenty of LED options available that are cost effective.

Camera Systems

You can set up cameras around the outside of your home which can be connected via a wireless network to record to your computer and be viewed later. Providing you have the right notices on your property this is also an effective way to provide evidence should the worst happen. Other options that people tend to choose are fake cameras, but if you decide to do this you must make sure you check them periodically, often these can tilt or move over time and it’s clear they aren’t recording anything.



Home security alarms are still a very effective way to protect your home, with motion sensors and alarms for doors and windows, you can fully secure your home. The alarm is a deterrent and it also means the monitoring company will be notified straight away, nowadays there are more complex and comprehensive options that give you the choice to monitor your home from your smart phone. Talk to us about the options available if you’d like to install or update your home alarm.


Modern Day Protection

As technology has developed, so have the options for security in your home. You can now install systems that are far more advanced than the basics we’ve all been used to. For example, some systems can be set so when you’re not home, if someone comes through your front gate, the living room light will switch on and so on. These are fully adaptable and can also be a great way to monitor your home while you’re away.


Take a look at our recent project with a fully integrated home security system.

When did you last review your home security system? Get in touch to discuss this with us and make sure your home is protected.

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