Staying safe in the workplace


When it comes to electricity, you should always follow any policies already in place. In the meantime, here are 5 top tips for staying safe:


1) Label possible faulty items with a ‘do not use’ label

Any electrical equipment that is considered unsafe to use should be clearly labelled and moved out of a normal working area until a qualified electrician can come and assess the issue.


2) Replace and worn or damaged cables

It’s not worth taking any chances with damaged wiring. If you notice that a cable is frayed or worn, take the necessary steps and do not use the electrical item until it has been fixed.


3) Make sure your installations and any work are carried out by a qualified electrician

Most accidents happen because someone who didn’t really know what they were doing tried to carry out the work of a professional. A qualified electrician or electrical contractor will make sure that all installations and work completed adhere to legal requirements and will also make sure it’s installed correctly.


4) Make sure you have enough electrical sockets

If you don’t have enough plugs in your workplace to provide for all of the electrical equipment, it’s time to consider having work carried out to increase the availability. We use extensions at home, but in the workplace a lot more strain is put on items like extension leads which can lead to damage over time and increases the risk of fire.


It’s really important to to make sure you keep your workplace maintained and up to current standards when it comes to electrics. If you need any help with your office or workplace, get in touch.



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