The simplest way to reduce your business energy bills

LED lighting electrical services in Swindon

This month, we’re focussing on some easy ways to reduce energy bills, both at home and in business. For a while, changing to energy efficient light bulbs and keeping an eye on the thermostat was enough. But as energy bills rise along with the introduction of new taxes and pay increases for employees, any expense in a business starts to eat into the profit and so the pressure to become more efficient is a huge priority.

Our focus this week is on how the switch to LED lighting can use up to 90% less energy than standard bulbs. For some time LED lighting was considered to be under-developed and so was not invested in by home owners and business owners. Thankfully, rapid developments in technology over recent years means LED lighting is now a great low cost and carbon alternative to standard lighting methods with the same quality of light.


LED lighting can be used in several different ways depending on your type of business. From the usual office or factory lighting fixtures, to using LED’s to highlight certain products displays, outdoor lighting and hallways or receptions that require lighting for 24 hours a day.


The added and clear benefit to switching to LED is the life of the bulb. LED lighting lasts for up to 30,000 hours. This means in an office environment which needs to be lit for 8 hours a day during the week will have 14.5 years of maintenance free life when they use LED light fittings! If you need to use your lighting for 24 hours a day, you can still expect your lights to last for a whole 6 years.


Get a Return on Your LED’s

Although the upfront costs of LED lighting are higher, that’s no reason to ignore the replacement of your standard lighting just because of the initial investment. You can expect a payback on your LED lighting within as a little as a few years and every pound saved after that will go straight towards your bottom line.


The technical side

Depending on which type of light fixtures you already have and how many of them there are, working out exactly how much you will save by switching to LED’s can be a challenge. Especially when it comes to figuring out how much work will need to be done in your office environment and calculating any possible disruption that might cause.


Before committing to an upgrade, you can always look out for Electrical Contractors that can offer a comparison between your existing lighting and your new LED’s. All reputable Electrical Contractors will provide a summary of works and discuss this with you before you give the go ahead.


Interested in how much you can save by switching your LED lighting? Check out our dedicated page for businesses to upgrade their lighting and feel free to contact us for your comparison which will show you how much you’ll save in carbon emissions and cash.



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