Don’t get caught out, catch them red handed


There are many different aspects of a business that aren’t considered day to day because they work; so it’s only natural that we take them for granted. This includes the electrics.

We use electricity every day in business, whether it’s through lighting, computers or something as simple as a modern day telephone, so what do you have there when you go home to ensure its all safe?

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What’s the difference?

QM image

People can often misunderstand the difference between an electrical contractor and an electrician, including the differences in qualifications and ability.

It’s easy to think of ‘buzz words’ used in many different industries, but these aren’t buzz words; the difference between the two is purely professional. Read more

From Dim to Darkness: Get ready to say goodbye to your halogens

Energy bulb

Energy efficient lighting is evolving quickly and has become more of a norm in households over recent years. With 18% of the electricity bill in a typical household going towards lighting, it’s no wonder consumers have been searching for ways to lower the cost!

The new EU regulation to ban any bulb Category C or below on the Energy Efficiency Index is planned to come into effect by 2016; with current concerns around the availability of quality alternatives once the ban takes place.

So what can you do in the second half of this year to prepare yourselves?

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Vacancies at Humphreys Electrical Ltd

Job Vacancy

As part of the ongoing planned growth and expansion of Humphreys Electrical we are looking to increase our enthusiastic team.

For many years we’ve been successful in winning large projects covering varied types of electrical works and due to growing demand are constantly looking for fully qualified electricians that have experience in domestic and commercial systems.

The work we undertake is varied and interesting are we’re a brilliant company to work for.

If you are interested in joining us or just want to talk about the possibility of you joining us please send an email with your c.v and details to



To support our continuing commitment for a safe working environment for our staff, contractors, clients and the general public we are once again are very happy having achieved  accreditation with SAFE CONTRACTOR for the following year after our annual audit.