Get more light with less light fittings

More and more households and businesses are making the switch to LED and energy efficient lighting with increased popularity over recent years.

For businesses in particular, the emphasis on being environmentally conscious means it’s more important than ever to show customers that that an active approach is being taken to become ‘greener’ by reducing Carbon Footprints.

Of course, that’s not the only benefit, energy saving light bulbs which mean you have to sacrifice on the quality of light is a thing of the past. LED light fittings use up to 69% less power than standard lighting and even with half the amount of fittings, can increase the light output in a typical office or warehouse environment.


What’s more, because of the latest technology available, you are now able to receive a lighting comparison which will tell you how much money you will save along with how much your Co2 emissions will be reduced.


An example of what this comparison will look like can be found on this page of our website, along with an abundance of information that shows you what kind of return you can expect when you invest in an upgrade of your lighting. Simply click here to find out more and to contact us.

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