Could you be saving on lighting and increasing productivity in your business?

light-bulb saving money

Fluorescent and halogen lighting can be costly and time consuming when having to replace bulbs. This is particularly true when the business premises is a warehouse or large building, and with a team working with you, it can be difficult to keep track of the costs that might be mounting through a lack of diligence.

If you have several light switches that get turned on at the start of the working day and aren’t switched off until the cleaner leaves, this could mean that you are leaving your lights on for almost 12 hours each day, which will increase as we enter into the winter months.


Poorly maintained lighting in industrial environments can not only effect your energy efficiency but the efficiency of your staff too. If your lighting hasn’t been cleaned or you’ve managed with the same bulbs for a long period of time, you could find that there is a poor light quality which can be a risk in environments where your staff need to use machinery.


Speak to us today about making a plan to implement these steps below to save cost in your business…

Instead of light switches, why not work with us to create a plan for sensored lighting? That way, you and your team will have lighting when and where you need it in the workplace, with unused parts of the office ready to be lit up when you need it. A simple fit can reduce lighting use by up to 80%, particularly with toilets in the workplace. Give us a call to discuss how sensors will benefit your business.

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