Finding the right Electrical Contractor


We’re revisiting 3 top tips for finding the right Electrical Contractor for you. Finding the right Contractor for the job is critical to ensure work is completed on time with minimal disruption.


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One of our Values: Integrity


Most would agree that the success of any business is built on having the trust of employees, customers and the general public who may do business with you in the future. We believe that the best way to do that is to act with integrity in everything we do, not because of any legal policies, but because it’s the right thing to do.


There are 3 key areas where we demonstrate integrity as a business:

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Summer is out and portable heaters are in


Stay warm and safe this winter when using portable heaters. They are a great low-cost option; particularly for older generations and small offices where it would be costly to generate heat for a whole building.
In terms of energy efficiency there isn’t much difference between the main types of heaters on the market, the main types of portable heaters are:

– Oil-filled radiators
– Convector heaters
– Fan heaters
– Halogen heaters
Electrical Safety First carried out a survey which indicates at least half of those surveyed would be happy to use a portable heater and almost 40% would be comfortable leaving it unattended, and 20% ready to leave a portable heater switched on overnight.

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