The annual inspection or the risk assessment?

Risk assessment testing

There is a common misconception that PAT testing and other electrical safety checks only need to be carried out annually, when in actual fact the frequency of these checks should be regulated by risk assessments in the workplace.

For example, if your business is considered a harsh environment such as a joinery business, where work with manufacturing wood products involving heavy duty machinery and lots of wood dust is produced, it’s wise to keep your electrical tests carried out on a more frequent basis to ensure the safety of you and your employees.


Other things to consider are:

  • Type of equipment
  • Where it’s used
  • Whether it’s portable or transportable


By hiring an electrical contractor like Humphreys Electrical to carry out your testing, you can ensure the effectiveness of your electrical equipment, the regular testing of your equipment will also help with any accreditations or affiliations you wish to maintain as a responsible employer.


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