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Energy saving LED  lighting - electrical services in Swindon


Back in March, we published a blog that focussed on the benefits of switching to LED lighting in your office or warehouse. Many people overlook the type of lighting they have when it comes to finding ways they can save electricity, often the first thought is how long the lights on for.


So, here’s a recap of the difference made by switching to LED or energy saving lighting:

“Whether you run a small office or a large warehouse, your lighting is most likely to be on for the whole day and will be behind a large chunk of your electricity bill. Depending on what you already have fitted, replacing it with LED energy efficient lighting can reduce the outgoings on your electricity by up to 80%.


One of the main objections to upgrading to LED lighting is the initial investment, but it’s worth remembering that a reduction in your bill is immediate and in as little as two years your new commercial lighting could have already paid for itself. Anything else saved from then on is a saving that will boost your bottom line.”


With a predicted life of 35,000 hours, which means just over 13 years of saving money year on year with no maintenance needed as well as improved light quality and a sure way to reduce your carbon footprint – it’s clear that it pays to upgrade.

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