Safety not complacency this Christmas

christmas safety

New research commission by NICEIC, the UK’s leading regulatory body for electricians has uncovered some disturbing statistics about the safety of our homes during the Christmas period.

When did you last have your electrics checked?

A staggering 19 million homes are at risk of an electrical fire this Christmas, with nearly half of British homeowners having never had their home electrics checked and have no idea when they were last inspected by a professional.

It’s incredibly important to ensure the safety of the electrics in your home, with 20,000 electrical house fires being caused each year by something that was easily preventable.


Wisdom over Beauty

The survey also found that of the 2000 UK tenants and homeowners surveyed, 42% valued aesthetics over safety. The increase in lights this Christmas means it’s inevitable that more sockets and extension leads will be used, however, less than 3% were concerned about the potential risks this could cause for friends and relatives during the festive season.


Sensible Safety

Many of us simply grab lights from the year before and plug them in, without giving a second thought to the wear and tear that could have happened over the years. 30% of those surveyed had used their Christmas lights for 5 years or more and a worrying 47% weren’t aware of the British Safety Kitemark.

As well as being careful not to overload sockets in your home this Christmas, it’s also important to make sure the lights you do use have been checked out and are suitable for use. Always look for the European Standards Symbol or the British Standards Kitemark. All lights purchased from reputable stores will have these, if you are in any doubt, please don’t use them.


You can take simple steps this Christmas to reduce risk in your home and create a happy and safe setting to enjoy festivities with the family. If you are one of the homeowner’s who aren’t sure when your electrics were last inspected, it should be first on your list of New Year’s resolutions!

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