Cool IT

Cool IT

Do you own a business with a store for your IT equipment? Whether it’s a designated Server room or a simple set up you’ve implemented yourself, read on to find out how you could be over using your energy.

Air conditioning is now a staple of most workplaces and is a popular enquiry we receive for business owners wishing to keep a healthy level of ventilation in their business. It’s especially used in cases where IT equipment is part of the furniture, but are you wasting energy on keeping it unnecessarily cool?


Enter most server rooms and you can feel the chill which uses a lot of electricity, in the 1970’s this was considered essential, however, times have changed and IT equipment is much more resilient and robust than it ever used to be. With the recommended range from ASHRAE now at 18 to 27 degrees C, you could be missing out on savings on your electricity.


Check the temperature of your server room or wherever you happen to keep your IT equipment, a set point of 25.5 C with a range of 1.5 degrees would save the most energy possible. And when it comes to switching the heating on this winter, save money and reduce costs by being able to heat up the whole office instead of spending extra on keeping one of your rooms cool!

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