The importance of recommended and accredited electricians

NICEIC accredited and approved electricians in Swindon

Alarmingly, qualifications and accreditation’s are the one of the lowest priorities for consumers when they are choosing an electrician to carry out work.

Far from being just a piece of paper, qualifications and accreditation’s are incredibly important to ensure your contractor is going to complete your work to a high standard of quality and safety.

Those with these accreditation’s and qualifications will be required to demonstrate their technical competence before being able to register.


Did you know that certain types of electrical work must be carried out in by accredited electrical contractors within your company? As an example, fuse box work, if carried out by an on-site electrician or building manager could actually be illegal as well as unsafe.


The best way to ensure the electrical work carried out on your site is to a high enough and safe enough standard is to use an accredited contractor. Being members of the NICEIC Approved Contractor Scheme ensures that we are able to do this for you.

As well as recommendations and testimonials from our existing Clients, you can have confidence in our quality and safety through our accreditation’s, demonstrating Humphreys Electrical are qualified electricians you can trust and rely on.

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