How much of your electricity bill goes towards lighting?

Invest and save

Most businesses have been in running for years without reviewing their lighting costs, simply changing bulbs when needed without thinking about the possible impact on the bottom line.

Things like light quality are especially important if you are running a manufacturing business, such as joinery for example. Ineffective lighting decreases productivity, and in some scenarios can actually be below the requirements for daily operation in that sector, as well as being inefficient and costly.

Investing in sensor controlled fittings as well as an upgrade to energy efficient lighting can significantly reduce your costs while giving a better output, only switching on when you need it and on a preset timer for switching off; leaving your team of people to focus on their role, not your lighting costs.

Our complimentary design service and comprehensive cost saving analysis that compares your existing lighting to the proposed scheme, means you can see your return on investment before it starts to happen. Contact us today to find out how much you can save for a better output.

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