Is your computer network protected?

Computer Network Safe

The recent news about the TalkTalk cyber-attack is a serious reminder of how essential it is to ensure your IT network is sufficiently protected from anyone wishing to cause any harm.

This sort of event has a sweeping impact across all aspects of a business, from emotional impact to the company’s reputation. TalkTalk’s shares have dropped to their lowest price since 2013 and almost every business these days holds some form of confidential information about their customers.

As not all of TalkTalk’s information was encrypted, there is a risk that a range of customer data has been accessed including bank and credit card details.


There are several ways to protect yourself and your business against cyber-attacks or any other issues that can arise from having a computer network as part of your core business. As an employer you have a responsibility to ensure you take the necessary measures to keep your data safe.

We can assist in installing computer networks and work with your appointed expert in the industry if you wish to ensure your business is protected technically as well as physically, speak to us today about how we can help to avoid any potential risk in your business.

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