Stay safe this Christmas

Safety at Christmas

We’re in that time of year again when the decorations are revived and we’re well into the festive season. However, after a year of being packed away, are you checking your electrical decorations as you should be?


Some simple checks this Christmas are important preventative steps to make sure are safe throughout this festive period.

  • When you unpack your Christmas lights, make sure there are no damaged or loose wires and broken bulbs that need replacing.
  • If any bulbs do need replacing, make sure you only use the correct type and rating as the rest of the lights, electrical fires and home fires can happen when people fail to educate themselves on basic requirements like these.
  • ALWAYS switch your lights of and unplug if they are outside before you leave or go to sleep.
  • Refrain from overloading sockets. We’ve all been guilty in the past of overloading extension leads to display outdoor lighting, particularly in small businesses. Stay safe and use wall plugs wherever you can. If you’re using extension leads, make sure you use them safely and don’t overload them which could cause a fire.
  • Don’t try to repair faulty lights. It might be tempting, but this is a fire risk if you have identified they are faulty, so replace them.
  • As always, make sure you keep lights away from flammable decorations and materials that will burn easily.


Have a happy Christmas and stay safe with these simple tips, if in doubt, invest in some new electrical decorations as the safety of you and your family is paramount.

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