Display lighting for your commercial premises

Apple store

Lighting is an essential part of a customer’s journey when they enter a commercial environment, and the type of lighting is very important to ensure the right message and ambiance is created for the customer.

The type of lighting you choose is extremely powerful, it effects the way we feel about a product. The way we feel about the store and how likely we are to buy. LED lighting has transformed the options available to retailers when it comes to display lighting, with many options available compared to the previously limited choice before technology advanced.

80% of sensory information comes from our eyes, which means lighting forms a huge part of any customer’s journey.


Apple stores use bright, crisp lighting which reflects the products they sell, restaurants tend to have warm lighting to create an inviting atmosphere and displays almost always have vibrant lighting to catch people’s attention.


We work with designers and directly with the client to ensure the best possible lighting is fitted within display cabinets that will sell your product. Just like Apple, the lighting you use will be extremely beneficial to tell your brand story and maintain your brand image.


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